Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pathological Publishing

A lie well told:
Mallory said his untruthfulness was the result of "crushing depressions, delusional thoughts, morbid obsessions and memory problems" brought about by "severe bipolar II disorder."

His explanation was dismissed by UCLA psychiatry professor Carrie Bearden, who told the New Yorker that bipolar II disorder does not cause delusions, memory loss or deceptive behavior.

Mallory had claimed on several occasions that his mother had succumbed to cancer. His mother did indeed have cancer at one point, but is still living. She declined to be interviewed by a New Yorker reporter about her son's claims.

His father, however, did speak to the reporter, and denied that Mallory had ever himself had cancer, as he had claimed to co-workers in the past. "[N]o, Dan didn’t have it. He’s just been an absolutely perfect son. He has his faults, like we all do, he’s just a tremendous young man," the elder Mallory said.
With a tremendous gift for stretching the truth, so to speak...

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