Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Hat Hit Squad

Who will the Liars' Mob go after next?
Meanwhile, the "news" outlets that spread this garbage are furiously backpedaling. I was amused by this headline from CBS News: "Conflicting accounts sowed confusion about confrontation at Lincoln Memorial." No, the video evidence didn't sow confusion. Just the opposite. We saw the truth for ourselves and realized we'd been lied to. It's the least confusing thing there is. The only people who claim to be confused are the ones who are under the mistaken impression that they're the good guys.

The March for Life was a huge success, and the Dems can't stand it. If they can't stop the march from happening, they'll try to intimidate as many attendees as they can. See what's happening to these kids? Well then, maybe you should think twice before expressing an opinion that isn't approved by your betters.

If they'll do it to a bunch of high school kids, who's next? Me? You?
First, they came for the red hats...

Sharing The Blame

It's their fault too, says...Tom Brokaw:
“I think the Democrats are as much to blame right now as the Republicans are,” Brokaw said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “They’ve got control of the House, but they’re mostly just, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re not going to do what you wanna do.’ I haven’t seen a grand plan.”

“You’ve got the young people running through the halls, who are the new members of Congress, who are conducting pep rallies every day instead of getting together with the more moderate people,” he continued. “They’re being driven hard from the left. It’s a time of great chaos I think.”
Chaos is their business, but business isn't good...

Chronic Pass

No pot for them:
According to USA Today Sports:

Acreage Holdings, which is in the cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing business, said it produced a 60-second ad that shows three people suffering from varying health issues who say their lives were made better by use of medical marijuana.

Acreage said its ad agency sent storyboards for the ad to the network and received a return email that said: ‘CBS will not be accepting any ads for medical marijuana at this time.’

A CBS spokesman informed Acreage that broadcasting standards do not allow the network to air cannabis-related advertising.

CBS’ rejection, however, did not come as a surprise to Acreage President George Allen.

“We’re not particularly surprised that CBS and/or the NFL rejected the content,” Allen said. “And that is actually less a statement about them and more we think a statement about where we stand right now in this country.

“One of the hardest parts about this business is the ambiguity that we operate within. We do the best we can to navigate a complex fabric of state and federal policy, much of which conflicts.”

Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in some form in 30 states plus the District of Columbia, the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug under the Controlled Substances Act.
That hasn't stopped many players from using it...

You're Fired

Robots, go home:
According to CNET, “Henn-na’s robot staff was first employed in 2015 with the aim of becoming ‘the most efficient hotel in the world.’ But four years later, it seems that the 243 robots are less of a novelty and more of a nuisance. As a result, the Henn-na Hotel has fired half of them.”
CNET reported that a number of guests had complained about the robots, which allegedly woke them up in the middle of the night, interrupted conversations, and struggled to “answer basic guest questions without human help.”

“Bellhop robots were designed to carry luggage, but they could only move on flat surfaces and could only access a small number of rooms,” explained CNET. “Their hotel careers were also cut short.”
The robot hotel takeover will have to wait...

Dress For Success

What's the matter with parents these days?
Parkinson's proposed legislation would require the adoption of a dress code, but each district would be responsible for setting their own guidelines.

"I visualize clothes that are not sexually suggestive," he said. "Not wearing things that might encourage or suggest gang activity."

According to WREG, "the dress code would be part of a larger code of conduct that would ideally prevent parents and visitors from cursing, fighting, and showing up on campus drunk or high."
Why can't Mom and Dad learn how to behave?

Stay Away From The Mob

No briefings for you:
The president’s tweet comes as the White House has been criticized for not holding regular press briefings. The last press briefing was Dec. 18—35 days ago, which marks Sanders’ longest stretch away from the podium. ABC News reported that the previous record was 29 days.

This stretch comes amid an intense partial government shutdown, with no end in sight. The government ran out of funding on Dec. 22, over a border security funding debate between the White House and congressional Democrats, and has left more than 800,000 federal workers and contractors without pay. Tuesday marks the 32nd day of the partial shutdown.

Olivier Knox, the president of the White House Correspondents Association, said in a Tuesday statement that the “retreat from transparency and accountability sets a terrible precedent.”

“Being able to question the press secretary or other senior government officials publicly helps the news media tell Americans what their most powerful representatives are doing in their name,” Knox said. “While other avenues exist to obtain information, the robust, public back-and-forth we’ve come to expect in the James A. Brady briefing room helps highlight that no one in a healthy republic is above being questioned.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley on Tuesday also defended the decision to give fewer press briefings.

“She will come back when she finds a reason to do that, because so often, so funny, because the media often tell us when Sarah Sanders stands…at this podium, ‘why can’t we hear from the president? we need to hear more from the president,’” Gidley said on “America’s Newsroom.”
If you whine, she won't come...

Monday, January 21, 2019

The Out Of Towners

Democrats are still on vacation:
Both sides of the aisle have been locked in a political stalemate over an appropriations bill, and despite the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers, Congress has been spotted leaving D.C. on the weekends. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Vacations In Luxurious Hawaiian Resort Amid Government Shutdown)

Pelosi notably received backlash for spending the Christmas holiday vacationing in a luxurious four-diamond resort in Hawaii. She was also spotted two weeks later in Reagan National Airport after Trump canceled her trip overseas.

“I think the men and women who are working for us deserve to be paid, but I don’t think that’s a false choice to say that you have to have that and not secure out border,” Roy said. “Of course we should secure our border. We can do both of these things. The American people expect us to do both of these things. And that’s why I’m here.”
Do your jobs, Democrats-or the voters may decide you don't deserve to keep them...

Real Black Power

Speaking truth to the Democratic masters:
“I would like to see nothing more than the Left be held accountable for all the horrible things they’ve done to the black community — the lies, the misrepresentations, the ravaging of their communities,” said Kirk to Breitbart News in Los Angeles, California, at Owens’ very first Blexit event of 2019.

“Look, I come from Chicago, which is plagued by gun violence, plagued by poverty,” continued Kirk, “We have Democrat city council members, only Democrat city council members, only Democrat congressmen. The last Republican mayor was in 1931, and yet they still blame Republicans for all their problems.”

“The Democrats own the problems of the black community, and it’s going to be Donald Trump, it’s going to be free markets, it’s going to be conservatives, that are finally going to make this community prosperous again,” said Kirk, “Blexit is really the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party.”
You can't fool all of the people forever...

Left Foot Forward

Why do they march? Do they even know?

The Judge Is Still In

She's not dead yet:
The hosts acknowledged the graphic by saying it was a control room error, and that their understanding is Ginsburg is still recovering from lung surgery, but alive nonetheless.

“We don’t want to make it seem anything other than that was a mistake. It was an accident,” Steve Doocy said.

“We apologize, big mistake,” Earhardt followed.

Mediaite reached out to the network for comment, and a Fox News spokesperson responded: “This was a technical error that emanated from the graphics team.”
Fake, but almost accurate?

It's The End Of The World As She Knows It

We're doomed, or something:
“And I think the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, in gen z, and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. You’re biggest issue, your biggest issue is how are going to pay for it? — and like this is the war, this is our world war II. And I think for younger people looking at this are more like, how are we saying let’s take it easy when 3000 Americans died last year, how are we saying let’s take it easy when the end person died from our cruel and unjust criminal justice system? How are we saying take it easy, the America that we’re living in today is dystopian with people sleeping in their cars so they can work a second job without healthcare and we’re told to settle down. It’s a fundamental separation between that fierce urgency of now, the why we can’t wait that King spoke of. That at some point this chronic reality do reach a breaking point and I think for our generation it reached that, I wished I didn’t have to be doing every post, but sometimes I just feel like people aren’t being held accountable. Until, we start pitching in and holding people accountable, I’m just gonna let them have it.”
You don't have to be crazy to be a socialist, but it helps...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Non Profit Wages

New York City's wage increase works as expected:
My snark aside (and out of my system), I don't wish for people to lose hours or their job. But this consequence of raising the minimum wage was foreseen. I've worked in the restaurant industry and I have friends who own restaurants. Profit margins are razor-thin, and restaurant owners are advised to be prepared to not pay themselves for at least the first two years. My friends who own restaurants spent the first few years working open to close every day because they couldn't afford to adequately staff their restaurants. If they had been forced to pay a $15 minimum wage, I'm assuming that they would've been forced to close. I don't know of any restaurants in NYC that have been forced to close because of the city's new minimum wage law, and I hope none do, but not even a month into the law's life and it's already having an adverse effect on NYC restaurants.
People who actually work for a living understand these things...

Different Drummers

Another fake news story?
While the mainstream media were quick on Saturday to declare the students guilty of anti-Native American bigotry, new angles and videos in context told a much different story. In fact, the students were not protesting Native Americans as some claimed, nor did they approach and surround a group of Native Americans as initially alleged.

Meanwhile, Marcus Frejo, who the Associated Press described as "a member of the Pawnee and Seminole tribes who is also known as Chief Quese Imc," also countered the dominate media narrative.

Frejo told the AP that while it seemed the students initially appeared to mock the Native Americans, once the situation defused he "was at peace singing among the scorn and he briefly felt something special happen as they repeatedly sang the [anthem from the Native American Movement]."

"They went from mocking us and laughing at us to singing with us. I heard it three times," Frejo said. "That spirit moved through us, that drum, and it slowly started to move through some of those youths."

In the end, a "calm" fell over the group before they dispersed.
The racists that weren't there?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Reds, White, And Blue

Meet the new socialists:
The Democratic Party explicitly casts itself as an inheritor of Marxism. The Democrats’ demands are almost total inversion of the Constitutional arrangements and traditional American values. The economic redistribution, open borders, repeal of the Second Amendment, the abolition of the Electoral College, the election of a president by popular vote, voting rights and free health care to illegal aliens are just part of the comprehensive strategy of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people.

The driving force of the Democratic Party is economic “inequality” — the argument socialists have never tired of invoking since the dawn of capitalism. The mantra brought into play by the French Revolution — “War to the palace, peace to the cottage” — is alive and well today in the Democratic Party. The seductive idea of wealth redistribution has proved to be irresistible to the masses discontented by the inequities. The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of “rich” is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living.
They like workers, but not working people...

Friday, January 18, 2019

Macron, Non

Macron gets cheesed:
Macron's victorious centrist movement filled half its parliamentary seats with people who had never held political office before, including Moreau, who posted a picture on Twitter of himself delivering a calf on Christmas Day.

But less than two years after the biggest turnover in political personnel in 60 years, France has faced another anti-elite revolt led by "yellow vest" protesters commanding widespread public support.

"Given the weight of the legislative agenda, we've been very busy in the parliament and in Paris and not on the ground enough explaining how we want to do politics differently," Moreau said in an interview.

"And perhaps we've not been different enough from our predecessors," the MP from the central Creuse region told AFP in what he called a "mea culpa".

The failure of Macron's bid to restore faith in politicians in France could have repercussions in a country where anti-establishment far-right and far-left parties have never been so popular.
The anti-resistance resistance?

Beach Patrol

Some beach goers are more equal than others:
despite residents’ complaints about rampant public drunkenness during spring break and other times that draw a lot of tourists, a review of the cases prosecuted by the new program shows that few tourists have been arrested and prosecuted for drinking in public or for other nuisance crimes.

Instead, public records show, the majority of the cases have involved homeless people. An analysis of 212 cases prosecuted between mid-January and mid-August 2018 revealed that at least two-thirds involved a homeless defendant. In another 15 percent of the cases, the defendant’s circumstances were unclear, although details on many of the arrest reports suggested that he or she was homeless. In contrast, just 12 arrests involved defendants who may have been tourists, based on the address listed on the arrest report. In another 13 cases, the arrest report did not include an address.
A man's beach is not necessarily his castle...

Vested Interest

Look out for the humans:
The way the so-called vest works is by arming human workers with sensors that can communicate with robotic systems. On occasion, a human worker will need to enter an area primarily dominated by automated machines in order to perform maintenance or to pick up items that have fallen to the floor. With the vest on, robots can detect the human presence and adjust their behaviors. The bots will slow down and steer away from humans, allowing work to continue rather than shutting down the operation entirely for a quick fix.
You've really got to keep the humans from getting underfoot...

The Liars' Circle

He lied? Not so fast, says Mueller:
“BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the Special Counsel’s Office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony are not accurate,” Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller’s office, said.

The statement is remarkable in that Mueller's team rarely issues statements in response to news stories. But BuzzFeed's story sparked immense interest from Democrats, who called for renewed investigations and even suggested the allegations could be a basis for impeachment proceedings.

Buzzfeed's Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith tweeted after the release of the statement Friday: "In response to the statement tonight from the Special Counsel's spokesman: We stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it, and we urge the Special Counsel to make clear what he's disputing."
Who lied first?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Shaving Creamed

Gillette gets cut:
As previously reported, Gillette’s commercial asked viewers, “Is this the best a man can get?” in a twist on the company’s classic tagline, “The best a man can get,” and took on a number of issues, including sexual harassment and bullying, but also masculinity.

At the start of the video, “toxic masculinity” is read out as one of the main negative issues in society, along with “bullying,” and “sexual harassment.”

The commercial received heavy criticism and mockery on social media.
A man's shave is still a man's shave...

The F Word

No family time for them:
The word was reportedly used during a discussion about the Unicorn product for children. The use of the word led one to call it "offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong," on a company message board. That led to about 100 up votes by other employees and a chorus of support for the criticism.

Many employees were offended because they believe the word suggests that all families have children, documents obtained by the news outlet showed. A source reportedly gave the news outlet the documents on the condition of anonymity.

The backlash prompted a Google executive to apologize and ask the employees for feedback on how the company can be more inclusive.
If you have a family, are you too offensive?


The elderly are becoming vampires:
Trump’s then-attorney—who has since spectacularly fallen out with the president—promised to pay $50,000 to the small tech firm run by a Liberty University staffer to help distort online polls on CNBC and the Drudge Report.

Cohen has confirmed the bombshell report to CNN, and claimed it was carried out “at the direction and for the sole benefit of Donald J. Trump.”

The IT firm doesn’t appear to have been particularly good at the task. Cohen reportedly asked for its help in a January 2014’s CNBC poll to name the country’s top business leaders. RedFinch Solutions founder John Gauger reportedly wrote a computer script to repeatedly vote for Trump—but was still unable to get him into the top 100 candidates.
How much for just a pint or two?

The Bribe Report

Favor for a client?
Trump’s then-attorney—who has since spectacularly fallen out with the president—promised to pay $50,000 to the small tech firm run by a Liberty University staffer to help distort online polls on CNBC and the Drudge Report.

Cohen has confirmed the bombshell report to CNN, and claimed it was carried out “at the direction and for the sole benefit of Donald J. Trump.”

The IT firm doesn’t appear to have been particularly good at the task. Cohen reportedly asked for its help in a January 2014’s CNBC poll to name the country’s top business leaders. RedFinch Solutions founder John Gauger reportedly wrote a computer script to repeatedly vote for Trump—but was still unable to get him into the top 100 candidates.
Sometimes money doesn't talk?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lighting The FIRE

Defending free speech worldwide:
In a statement, FIRE Senior Program Officer Sarah McLaughlin lamented the fact that many students around the globe aren’t afforded free speech protections on their college campuses. “Unfortunately, strong free speech protections are not available in much of the world, and now is the time for universities with partnerships in unfree nations to plan for the possibility — or likelihood — of threats to the rights of their community members,” McLaughlin said.

“FIRE’s Home and Abroad Commitment addresses important issues that have been overlooked in universities’ expansions to other countries,” McLaughlin added. “By pledging that academic freedom and free expression will be primary considerations of future partnerships and agreements, signatory universities will make a public statement that they can be held to should they abandon it — and we’ll watch to see if they do.”
Who will be first for free speech?

The Cost Of Doing Increases

Wage increases act as expected:
Jon Bloostein operates six New York City restaurants that employ between 50 and 110 people each. The owner of Heartland Brewery and Houston Hall, Bloostein said the effect of the higher minimum wage on payroll across locations represents "an immense cost" to his business.

"We lost control of our largest controllable expense," he told CBS MoneyWatch. "So in order to live with that and stay in business, we're cutting hours."

Bloostein said he has scaled back on employee hours and no longer uses hosts and hostesses during lunch on light traffic days. Customers instead are greeted with a sign that reads, "Kindly select a table." He also staggers employees' start times. "These fewer hours add up to a lot of money in restaurants," he said.

Bloostein said he has increased menu prices, too. "So as a result [of the minimum wage hike], it will cost more to dine out," he said. "It's not great for labor, it's not great for the people who invest in or own restaurants, and it's not great for the public."
Minimum wage, maximum costs...

Free Government Enterprise

The solution to the shutdown?
In a 2010 article for Reason Magazine, American TV personality John Stossel argued that free enterprise provides more for the American people than the federal government ever will.

Stossel then gave examples of several times when the private sector served the American people better than the government.

"[F]or years there was a gap in the ring road surrounding Paris that created huge traffic problems. Then private developers made an unsolicited proposal to build a $2 billion toll tunnel in exchange for a 70-year lease to run it. They built a double-decker tunnel that fits six lanes of traffic in the space usually required for just two. The tunnel's profit-seeking owners have an incentive to keep traffic moving. They collect tolls based on congestion pricing, and tolls are collected electronically, so cars don't have to stop. The tunnel operators clear accidents quickly. Most are detected within 10 seconds — thanks to 350 cameras inside the tunnel. The private road has cut a 45-minute trip to 10 minutes."

He further bet the readers of his book, "Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity," that they could not name ONE thing that government does better than the private sector.

He has yet to pay.

Stossel also believes that the Food and Drug Administration should be privatized, arguing that food is "safe" because of competition in the market — not government regulations.

He points to Chipotle. After Chipotle's stock fell by more than half after several food poisoning incidents, the restaurant chain implemented more food safety methods, including food inspection, than the federal government requires.
Let the market be your regulator?

Real Fake News

It's not the newspaper you think it s:
At this time, it's unclear who created the forgery. However, in a story, the Post noted that liberal activist organization Code Pink published a video on Facebook in which copies of the fake paper were handed out. "This just in! Handing out the Washington Post paper on Trump leaving the presidency," the video was captioned.

Code Pink did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Another progressive organization, MoveOn, stated on Twitter: "While we love the headline, we didn't produce today's satirical Washington Post."

Post media reporter Erik Wemple found one of the fakes and shared a number of pictures of the forgery. The lead front page story of the fake paper read: "Unpresidented. Trump hastily departs White House ending crisis." Another part of the fake story was that Vice President Mike Pence had been sworn into office.
Wishful thinking in print...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

May's Final Days?

Is Theresa May's day done?
At a Cabinet meeting earlier, ministers led by Chancellor Philip Hammond are understood to have urged Mrs May to cling on regardless of the scale of her loss, voicing alarm about the economic panic her departure could cause.

The premier insisted she was the 'servant of the people' and was determined to stay on to implement the referendum result, saying her plan was still the 'only option'.

However, the meeting underlined the growing splits over how to handle the mounting crisis. MailOnline understands there were pointed exchanges over whether to stage a series of 'indicative votes' to establish what Brexit options might command a majority in Parliament.

Remain-leaning ministers including Amber Rudd, David Gauke and David Lidington were 'heavily sat on' by a more hawkish group led by Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom and Gavin Williamson. One supporter of the plan admitted it was given a 'good kicking'.
Brexit or no Brexit?

Black On Black


Monday, January 14, 2019

Teachers' Day Off

Who's behind the Los Angeles teacher's strike?
United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) wants higher pay and greater spending on public education. ABC News reports the union members – many of whom are wearing #RedForEd T-shirts – are threatening to strike “for as long as it takes.”

“We’re in the battle for the soul of public education,” states UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl. “Now is the moment for action.”

The schools are remaining open, however, as LAUSD has hired substitute teachers. The union calls the hiring of substitutes “irresponsible” and has urged parents to keep their children at home and join the protest.

“We are going on strike for students, who we miss in our hearts right now,” Caputo-Pearl adds. “They deserve better.”

However, Rebecca Friedrichs, who spearheaded a national movement to wrest control of public schools from teachers’ unions, writes at the Orange County Register that the #RedForEd walkouts – which played prominently last year in the Arizona teachers’ strike, as well as others – are “deceptively promoted as a ‘grassroots movement’ led by teachers”:

Friedrichs, one of seven California teachers who filed a federal class action lawsuit for return of fees previously paid to their union in the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent Janus v. AFSCME decision, writes that a teacher colleague of hers who witnessed the development of #RedForEd said “teachers were used to promote the propaganda of the NEA [National Education Association].”
Another case of agendas before education?

Laws Of Their Land

A conservative writer learns via Twitter that his work has been banned-in Pakistan:

Line In The Dust?

Did somebody forget their line?
Scott C. Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, believes he’s spotted a ‘stage prop line’ in a photo of the Jade Rabbit rover.

On his site, he said: “Someone mistakenly placed a line in front of the rover and forgot to erase it.

“Or they should have made the line much smaller. This screams staged event all together.”

Mr Waring also claims that the lack of rocks in the image is a sign that the image is fake.

He added: “Notice the lack of moon rocks on the entire surface of the moon...which is exactly what the first Apollo moon landing also showed...a sign of being faked on a stage.”
At least ours was real...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Water, Water Nowhere

Paying for the privilege of a drink?
Newsom's proposed 2019-20 budget includes the creation a "safe and affordable drinking water fund," to "enable the State Water Resources Control Board to assist communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, in paying for the short-term and long-term costs of obtaining access to safe and affordable drinking water," SFgate.com reported.

The Association of California Water Agencies, which represents more than 400 water suppliers across the state, swiftly rebuked the idea of a water tax. In a statement, the association said it would be “highly problematic" and not necessary due to what it calls the state's ample budget surplus.

"The vast majority of the state's residents have access to safe drinking water, but a small percentage of the population does not," the association stated. "This unacceptable reality is a social issue for the State of California. ACWA believes that making access to safe drinking water for all Californians should be a top priority for the State. However, a statewide water tax is highly problematic and is not necessary when alternative funding solutions exist and the state has a huge budget surplus."
Spend not, drink not...

Monster Ban

There's something missing from Monster Jam:
The change was made quietly, most likely to not alienate the Monster Truck fan base, Maurice Schweitzer, a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, told the news outlet.

"Clearly, they wrestled with the experience of the elephants and the animal rights protests with the circus," Schweitzer said. "Once the protest movement gets underway, it makes it difficult to make it go away."

Could this eliminate fans?

Regarding the guns, Schweitzer said: "The risk is, they may suffer a backlash from some of their customers who don't like the idea that they've adopted a more politically correct stance, that some of their favorite characters have been defanged, or that it looks like censorship."
Actual monsters need not apply...

Winter Vacation

Never let a shutdown get in the way of a good time:
Around 109 lobbyists and corporate executives are named in a memo welcoming the guests, which include some from prominent Washington firms, R.J. Reynolds, Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, PhRMA, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon, and unions like the National Education Association.

A spokesman for the BOLD PAC -- part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus -- would not tell the Examiner which members of Congress would be attending. But U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was spotted on the beach Saturday, according to a FOX News producer.

The Dems' visit comes amid the ongoing partial government shutdown that has left around 800,000 federal workers with no pay since it began Dec. 22, making it the longest government closure in U.S. history.

“As our Bold PAC members make their way to Puerto Rico for this important weekend — the largest contingency of House Democrats to visit Puerto Rico where they'll be hearing from Commonwealth and local elected officials about the ongoing recovery efforts — we will be closely monitoring the situation in Washington,” Bold PAC Chair Rep. Tony Cardenas said in a statement. “If there is any progress by Senate Republicans or the White House to reopen the federal government, then we will act accordingly."
In the meantime, party on?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dashboard Confessionals

There seems to have been more than a few fake Russians in Alabama:
Morgan claims that he was paid by American Engagement Technologies "to experiment on a small scale with disinformation tactics, including creating a Facebook page that sought to appeal to Republicans who might not support Moore."

And he insists that his firm deployed the Russian botnet false flag not to influence the election, but merely to study how the tactics worked.

“The research project was intended to help us understand how these kinds of campaigns operated,” Morgan said. “We thought it was useful to work in the context of a real election but design it to have almost no impact.”

But virtually no one believes him. The left's hypocrisy, however appalling, is not in the least surprising. Nor are the tangled webs of left-wing networks they are constantly weaving.

Silicon Valley billionaire and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman gave $750,000 to American Engagement Technologies (AET), the group that hired New Knowledge to run the campaign.

AET is run by Mikey Dickerson, a former Google engineer and Obama appointee who is also the executive director of the New Data Project, a nonprofit that developed the invasive "Vote with Me" app used in the 2018 midterm elections to pressure millennials into voting for Democrats.

AET is also behind a recently discovered disinformation campaign that posted misleading ads on Facebook pages in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections.

A couple of weeks ago, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said that he would be looking into the operation to see if it affected the closely fought Senate race.

“The information is concerning,” Marshall, a Republican, said. “The impact it had on the election is something that’s significant for us to explore, and we’ll go from there.”
It's false flags all the way down...

Marching Alone

Suppose they gave a Women's March and nobody came?
The third annual march, to be held on January 19, comes amid criticism of the March leadership’s past affiliation with and failure to fully denounce Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, as well as other allegations of anti-semitism from its former organizers. The SPLC has designated the Nation of Islam as a hate group. Asked whether the Farrakhan connection played a part in the decision not to partner with them, Fuson reiterated that the group had other priorities.

EMILY’s List, a political action committee that aims to elect Democratic women who support abortion rights, is also absent from the Women’s March list of 2019 partners. A spokeswoman for EMILY’s List did not immediately return a request for comment. The National Council of Jewish Women told The New York Jewish Week Wednesday they would not be a partner in this year’s march.

A spokeswoman for the Women’s March did not immediately return a call for comment.
Maybe they couldn't find anyone...

Bill's Billions

Bill de Blasio wants to share the wealth:
De Blasio promised to make life better for workers, tenants, and retirees in the wide-ranging speech, promising to create a city-managed retirement fund for those who lack access to employer-sponsored funds, as well as a new Office to Protect Tenants.
“Imagine a city where New Yorkers can live their lives more fully,” de Blasio told the audience at Symphony Space in Manhattan. “That’s the quality of life I want for every New Yorker.”

Later in his remarks, the second-term mayor said millions of Americans are “boxed into lives that just aren’t working” because of Republican policies like tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. “Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world,” de Blasio said. “Plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands. You deserve a city that gives you the share of prosperity that you’ve earned.”
Let the exodus from New York begin...

The Little People

She cares, or not:
"The employer did not have the required workers' compensation coverage from March 31, 2018, to April 30, 2018, and was issued a final penalty of $1,500, which was paid," Melissa Stewart, spokeswoman for the New York Workers Compensation Board, said, according to the New York Daily News.

"This coverage is vital to ensuring workers are protected for on-the-job injuries," she explained.

How did the political world react?

A Democratic "campaign veteran" told the Daily News that "it's not a great look" for Ocasio-Cortez.

"This is basic stuff, especially if you hold yourself out to be the champion of workers," the campaign operative said.

Meanwhile, Jessica Proud, spokeswoman for the New York State GOP, said: "Hypocrisy at its finest. The so-called champion of workers, when given her own responsibility, is not following the law. It's unbelievable."
Safety starts at the tippity top...

T Is For Trump

The other "T" word:
Speaking with the New Yorker, Engel claimed there "wasn't a great clamor" to keep the terrorism subcommittee while there is much excitement among Democratic members to investigate Trump's many foreign policy "scandals."

"We just thought, if we're going to do something relevant in this era where Congress is going to reassert itself, where there are so many questionable activities of this Administration vis-à-vis foreign policy, that it made sense to have this," Engel told the New Yorker.

The New Yorker summed up Engel's comments: "Trump, in other words, is a bigger threat than terrorism. At least for now."
Because he was more important, or something...

Friday, January 11, 2019

Green Money To Burn

Schumer's subsidies are expensive:
Schumer, a New York Democrat, in early December asked Trump to support “permanent tax incentives for domestic production of clean electricity and storage, energy efficient homes and commercial buildings, electric vehicles, and modernizing the electric grid.”

“If left unchecked, the damage caused by climate change will cause untold human suffering and significant damage to the U.S. economy,” Schumer wrote to Trump on Dec. 6.

Extending tax subsidy provisions primarily benefiting wind and solar power would cost nearly $32 billion over the next four years, according to Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimates. Permanently extending these tax subsidies could add billions more to the tab. JCT estimates solar and wind tax subsidies will cost more than $7 billion in 2019.

Based on JCT estimates, continuing solar and wind tax subsidies is nearly six times the $5.7 billion Trump is asking from Congress for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
But Chuck wants "good" government money...

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Life After Ginsburg

Who's next?
The nine-member court is currently divided 5-4 between its conservative and liberal wings. Ginsburg’s departure would allow Trump to create the Court’s strongest conservative majority in decades, a scenario sure to bring intense opposition from Democrats and liberal activists still furious over the October confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"It would be a brutal confirmation,” said John Malcolm, director of the Heritage Foundation's Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies. “The first two were not easy at all, but this would be much harder in this respect: When Neil Gorsuch was the nominee, you were replacing a conservative with a conservative. With Kavanaugh, you were replacing the perennial swing voter, who more times than not sided with the so-called conservative wing, so that slightly solidified the conservative wing.”

“But if you are replacing Justice Ginsburg with a Trump appointee, that would be akin to replacing Thurgood Marshall with Clarence Thomas,” Malcolm added. “It would mark a large shift in the direction of the court."
Let the next battle begin...

Crisis Or No Crisis

It's different when the other side is in charge:
The Washington Post on July 12, 2014, referred to "the current crisis on the Southwest border, where authorities have apprehended tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American children since October ..." The story's lead author was Karen Tumulty, now a columnist for the Post, who completely dismissed the idea of any crisis at the border this week.

"We are headed to this extraordinary situation where the president declares a state of emergency, which does not exist, and the law does not really explain what we do if the president manufactures an emergency," she said Tuesday on MSNBC.

On June 5, 2014, a New York Times article began, "This is what it looks like when an immigration system is overwhelmed by tens of thousands of women and children from Central America." It further noted that, "The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been ordered to coordinate efforts to contain the crisis."

The Times editorial board this week, however, said that the crisis is actually "in the Oval Office."

The border crisis didn't change between 2014 and now. The only thing that changed was who's in the White House and how the media are reporting on it.
What a difference an election makes...

Out Of The Cave

Tammy Bruce isn't having it:
“This is what’s so dangerous about this report. It’s political theory. It has nothing to do with science and it’s also bigotry, right? There’s a suggestion that masculinity, and that would mean all men because you’re dealing with the issue of testosterone, the nature of what it is to be male, are prone to violence or homophobia or sexual violence or sexual harassment,” Bruce said.

“Women [are involved in] those things as well. Women can be violent. Women do sexual harassment,” she continued. “It’s a remarkable pathology that they’re using for, these are guidelines to all other psychologists saying that when you treat men and boys, you should presume that they’re suffering from an illness.”
Being male isn't a disease...

Tax Removal

Finally, a way to get rid of the Obamacare tax?
The proposed bill would repeal a tax that many have criticized as unnecessary and hostile to small businesses. The tax on premiums largely affects lower class Americans, as American Action Forum found that those with annual incomes between $10,000 and $50,000 paid roughly half the taxes.

Gardner had similar reasoning for trying to repeal the tax: “Without congressional action, the Health Insurance Tax will impose fees on nearly 142 million American’s health care coverage. I am proud to join my colleagues in support of this common-sense legislation and will continue to look for ways to lower the cost of health care for all Americans.”

Barrasso, as a doctor, used his unique perspective on expensive health insurance and its effect on average American families to make his decision.

“…Lowering health insurance costs for families in Wyoming and across the country has always been one of my top priorities,” the Wyoming senator said. “We need to make health care more affordable so patients can get the care they need. The health insurance tax needlessly drives up the cost of coverage”
At least they still remember this...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Host Wanted, No Controversy Needed

Who wants to host the Oscars?
In exchange for a solo emcee, organizers behind the 2019 Academy Awards are planning to choose celebrities to present different portions of the show, according to Variety, which cited sources with knowledge of the situation.

The reported plan would be the first time in roughly three decades that the award show aired without someone at the helm, Variety reported. There were other times that the event reportedly had multiple hosts, however.

A spokesperson for the Academy Awards did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

Kevin Hart was originally offered the hosting slot but stepped down amid criticism over years-old homophobic remarks that resurfaced.
Who else will have to apologize beforehand?

Blue Murder?

What is going on here?
Deputies in West Hollywood responded early Monday morning to a report of a person not breathing at Buck's home, and county firefighters pronounced the man dead. The cause of the death will be determined by the coroner, according to Nicole Nishida, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department, and investigators have not released the man's identity.

But, critics are questioning whether Buck's race — both men found dead were black — or if his wealth or political ties to the Democratic Party influenced an initial investigation of the 64-year-old who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to a slew of liberal causes and candidates over the years, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a who's who of top California politicians.

“He definitely has not been cooperative, as his attorney says. He refused to answer any questions when I tried speaking with him,” Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Investigator Quilmes Rodriguez told Fox News via email Wednesday night.
Time to give some of that money back?

Toxic Manpower

Men need to stop being men?
The "Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men" is based on 40 years of research, according to the APA's website.

"The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful," according to the APA.

It also alleged that "the more men conformed to masculine norms, the more likely they were to consider as normal risky health behaviors such as heavy drinking, using tobacco and avoiding vegetables, and to engage in these risky behaviors themselves."
Veggies are a man's best friend?

Progressives On Patrol

A college professor speaks out:
In his article — which ran in Raleigh's News & Observer — Jacobs revealed that he'd polled 40 UNC students who identified as Republicans as to whether they felt like they'd be penalized if they voiced their true political beliefs.

Thirty-eight out of the 40 said that they worried their grades would suffer if they didn't publicly align themselves with any professor's liberal political points of view.

The article, "Bias stifles campus speech at UNC-CH," called the practice nothing more than "indoctrination."

Jacobs added that Republican students feared for their grades — and their reputations — out of fear that the "progressive police" would attack them for their beliefs and ideals.

"One of my top MBA students, who I would categorize as moderate, recently told me that she will no longer participate in class discussions that involve social or political issues for fear of being branded by the 'progressive police,'" Jacobs revealed.
Big Progressive is watching you...

Too Poor To Die

You really can't afford to die:
Just over 60 percent of millennials (classified here as those aged 18-37) with debt don't know when, or if, they'll ever be able to pay off what they owe, according to a new CreditCards.com report. That includes roughly 42 percent of millennials who don't know when they'll be able to wipe out their debt, and almost 20 percent of those who expect to die in debt.

There are some bright spots in the data: Among those aged 18 to 30 with credit card debt specifically, 79 percent say they have a plan to wipe it out. On average, they expect to be debt-free by age 43, CreditCards.com finds.

Still, a lot of young people are feeling trapped. A lot of older people, too: Over 35 percent of those over age 73 predict that they'll never pay off their debt.
Who pays the bills when you're gone?

The Art Of The Declaration

Time for an emergency declaration?
The president said he has the “absolute right” to declare an emergency, even though some legal scholars and Democratic lawmakers say he does not.

Trump added that his “threshold” for declaring a national emergency is if he cannot reach a deal with congressional Democrats, who have rejected his demand for $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The comments come one day after he argued to the nation in a televised addressed that a “humanitarian crisis” caused by drug trafficking and illegal immigration exists on the southern border and his proposed wall is the only thing that can stop it.

The president stopped short of declaring a national emergency, despite the expectation from some lawmakers that he would. But the White House on Wednesday reiterated that the option is still on the table.
The clock is ticking...

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

All Wet

How desperate were the Democrats? They tried to steal an election twice:
The effort, called "Dry Alabama," is the second reported online false flag operation by Democrats who sought to weaponize fabricated online information to influence the election.

Matt Osborne, an activist who helped with the effort, justified the tactics by claiming Republicans do the same thing.

"If you don't do it, you're fighting with one hand tied behind your back," Osborne told the NYT. "You have a moral imperative to do this — to do whatever it takes."
If you can't beat 'em, smear 'em...

The "L" Word

Democrats come out of the progressive closet:
The percentage of liberals has sharply climbed in recent years, Gallup noted, with 38 percent identifying as liberal in 2008.

Roughly a third of Democrats -- 34 percent -- identified as moderates in 2018, according to the new poll.

Members of the Republican Party have remained more staunchly conservative, pollsters found, with 73 percent identifying as conservative in 2018 and just 22 percent calling themselves moderate.

The poll results come as Democrats have retaken the majority in the House with a caucus that contains a number of high-profile progressives, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who have pushed for policies like Medicare for all and a Green New Deal.
At least they're honest lefties...

New York Health Club

"Free" health care comes to New York City:
At a press conference Tuesday, de Blasio said the plan will provide primary and specialty care, from pediatrics to OBGYN, geriatric, mental health and other services, to the city's roughly 600,000 uninsured.

The city already has the foundation for such a plan — a public health insurance option that helps get direct care to undocumented residents.

That option will be expanded, the mayor said, and supported with the addition of a new program called NYC Care. Patients who seek health coverage through NYC Care will receive a card that allows them to see a primary care doctor and seek specialty care services, de Blasio said.

Those who can afford to pay will pay for services on a sliding scale, while those who can't will receive free coverage, he noted.
Until they have to pay for it, too...

Wall Words

Who said what?


Be happy, or else?
Facebook’s reputation as being one of the best places in Silicon Valley to work is starting to show some cracks. According to Glassdoor, which lets employees anonymously review their workplaces, Facebook fell from being the best place to work in the U.S. to No. 7 in the last year.

But employees don’t complain in the workplace.

“There’s a real culture of ‘Even if you are f---ing miserable, you need to act like you love this place,’” said one ex-employee who left in October. “It is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work.”
The Cult of Zuckerberg?

Monday, January 7, 2019

No Green Deal

Rising star socialist versus Anderson cooper:
"How are you going to pay for all of this?" Cooper asked.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, immediately transitioned into defensive posture.

"No one asks how we're gonna pay for this Space Force," she told Cooper. "No one asked how we paid for a $2 trillion tax cut."

"We only ask how we pay for it on issues of housing, health care, and education," she continued. "How do we pay for it? With the same exact mechanisms that we pay for military increases for this Space Force, for all of these ambitious policies."

Noting that some Democrats, such as Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), are concerned about the impact socialist lawmakers will have on the Democratic Party's future — since their "unrealistic" policies alienate a majority of the country in terms of support — Cooper pushed the issue further.

"What makes it unrealistic?" Ocasio-Cortez asked of her agenda.

"How to pay for it," Cooper shot back.
Still waiting for an answer...

Soda-Less In Seattle

What the soda tax is really about:
The tax was introduced as a way to encourage people to buy healthier drink options as an alternative to soda. Supporters compared it to existing taxes on cigarettes. According to a study by the city government before the implementation of the tax, the goal of the tax was to "help improve the health and well-being of children and the public's health more generally."

But according to the city budget, this has not been the case.

In just the first nine months that the tax has been in effect, it has raised nearly $17 million. This is $2 million more than the $15 million expected for all of 2018, which means that Seattle residents are buying more soda than anticipated. And their government is banking on that number going up, because revenue for the fourth quarter of 2018 has not yet been announced.
Health for local wealth...

Could It Be...?

The Devil made him do it?
Specifically, he gave a shout out to Satan for helping him capture the essence of former Vice President Dick Cheney in "Vice," as Variety said Bale was "widely praised" for his work on the part, "seemingly disappearing into the role of the resilient and ruthlessly ambitious politician" — even gaining 60 pounds.

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role," Bale said, drawing smiles and laughs from the Hollywood crowd.

The Church of Satan enjoyed it, too

Ye olde Church of Satan also got a charge out of Bale's thank you to their hero, noting on Twitter: "To us, Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. As Mr. Bale's own talent and skill won him the award, this is fitting. Hail Christian! Hail Satan!"
Considering how many deals the Devil has made in Hollywood, I guess it seems only fair...

The New Blue Reds

At least they're being honest about it:
Socialists — running for office as democrats — are indeed getting elected, as they promise to provide young Americans with free services, in which they will make other generations pay for.

These politicians brand themselves as “democratic socialists,” bringing socialist policies like “medicare-for-all” into the national conversation, which normalizes the concept of cradle-to-grave, government-run healthcare among Americans, many of whom, are too young to remember the days of the Soviet Bloc, when socialists had more control.

The late American economist Milton Friedman once said: “a society which is socialist cannot also be democratic, in the sense of guaranteeing individual freedom.”
They'll learn-or maybe not...

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hart Attack

So Ellen, of all people, has now become the target of the perpetually outraged:
Vice reports that there was "early backlash" to DeGeneres' endorsement and support of Hart. They also note that there were people who thought Ellen was "admirable and forgiving."

Others, however, were upset with what was viewed as an "attempt to speak for the LGBTQ community as a whole."

Leftist social media rage is reflexive, and they may have wanted to think more about being resentful of Ellen's "platform" and how she chose to use it. She is only in this position because she risked her entire, extremely successful career to come out of the closet.

She has also been one of the most beloved figures on television in her incarnation as a talk show host. It's going to be difficult for them to try to mint her as an insensitive monster.
Trolls never win...

The Insanity Clause

The new morality is troubling:
Not long ago, publishers were hailed as countercultural heroes for backing works that offended public sensibilities. Barney Rosset, the publisher of Grove Press, introduced Americans to Samuel Beckett, Jack Kerouac, Malcolm X, Marguerite Duras and Kathy Acker, among scores of other writers considered avant-garde at the time.

Mr. Rosset fought doggedly to overturn laws that were preventing him from publishing D.H. Lawrence’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer,” both of which contained scenes of graphic sex. The “Tropic of Cancer” case made it to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the book was not obscene. The feminist critic Kate Millet attacked Henry Miller’s novels as misogynistic — she was quite right about that — but that didn’t stop the PEN American Center from awarding Mr. Rosset a citation for “the free transmission of the printed word across the barriers of poverty, ignorance, censorship and repression.”

Times change; norms change with them. Morality clauses hand the power to censor to publishers, not the government, so they don’t violate the constitutional right to free speech. But that power is still dangerous.
Whose morality decides?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Scooped Again

Remember the Great Two Scoops Scandal? Well, some scoops appear to be more equal than others:

No Court Pass

A basketball player is staying away:
Kanter has an invalid Turkish passport because of his long-running feud against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the political dictator in his home country. Kanter said he’s worried about “spies’’ in London.

“I talk to the front office and decided I’m not going,’’ Kanter said. “The freaking lunatic, there’s a chance I can get killed out there. I talked to the front office. I’m not going. I’m going to stay here and practice. It’s pretty sad. All this stuff affects my career in basketball. I want to help my team win, but because of one lunatic guy I can’t even go there to do my job. It’s pretty sad. They got a lot of spies there. I can get killed pretty easy.’’

A Knicks spokesman clarified that Kanter won’t be traveling to London because of “these issues.”
Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean somebody isn't trying to keep you off your game...

Rich Reds

Meet Communism's rich kids:
Tony Castro, who is in his 20s, managed to keep a low profile despite being active on Instagram.

But the Miami Herald and other media organizations got hold of some photos that today are only visible by his 1,300 followers.

On an island where bread, eggs and other basic foods have become scarce - an issue the current regime blames on the United States government imposed embargo - Tony Castro showed off his taste for fine liquors and foods during an uncle's birthday celebration.

The young man shared a photo during a night out in Havana after having a meal with his mother Lissete Ulloa, and a photograph of himself behind the wheels of a BMW.

Traveling the globe and documenting it has always been at the top of his list.
Leaving Cuba has long been the goal of many other Cubans, as well...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Woke Quantity Over Quality

Because writing is racist, or something:
The seminar's main session — "The Language Standards That Kill Our Students: Grading Ain't Just Grading" — argues against "conventional standards in college courses that grade student writing by single standards." Inoue will discuss how "white language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing."

Three additional sessions will follow in succession:

Creating Anitracist Writing Assessment Ecologies in Writing Courses
Rethinking Standards of Writing Intensive Course Rubrics
Problem-Posing the Nature of Judgement [sic] in Writing Intensive Courses
The second-to-last session will look at "redesigning writing courses' assessment ecologies in ways that reduce the negative effects of a single standard of writing" and "offer an alternative to such grading practices, labor-based grading contracts," and other ideas.

The final session will include an activity that can be used with students that shows "how judgements [sic] are formed and how those judgements [sic] use a set of white racial habits of language, no matter who the reader is."
Is your writing "too white?"

Apocalypse On Ice

Glaciers are safe, for now:
Two years ago, the glaciologists Robert DeConto and David Pollard rocked their field with a paper arguing that several massive glaciers in Antarctica were much more unstable than previously thought. Those key glaciers—which include Thwaites Glacier and Pine Island Glacier, both in the frigid continent’s west—could increase global sea levels by more than three feet by 2100, the paper warned. Such a rise could destroy the homes of more than 150 million people worldwide.

They are now revisiting those results. In new work, conducted with three other prominent glaciologists, DeConto and Pollard have lowered some of their worst-case projections for the 21st century. Antarctica may only contribute about a foot of sea-level rise by 2100, they now say. This finding, reached after the team improved their own ice model, is much closer to projections made by other glaciologists.

It is a reassuring constraint placed on one of the most alarming scientific hypotheses advanced this decade. The press had described DeConto and Pollard’s original work as an “ice apocalypse” spawned by a “doomsday glacier.” Now, their worst-case skyrocketing sea-level scenario seems extremely unlikely, at least within our own lifetimes.
The ice is still nice...

To The Tip-Top

When in doubt, raise:
Ocasio-Cortez suggests in the clip that in her esteem, people should be doing more to pay their “fair share.” When Cooper pressed on how she could possibly pay for the deal, she pointed to the progressive tax rate system in the 1960s, explaining that if you earn 0 to $75,000 a year, you would only pay 10% or 15% in income tax.

She continued:

“But once you get to the tippie tops, on your $10 millionth, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60% or 70%. That doesn’t mean all $10 million are taxed at an extremely high rate. But it means that as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more.”

Cooper replied that she was proposing a “radical agenda.”

“If that’s what radical means, call me a radical,” she said.
If the overpriced shoe fits...

The Eternal Shutdown?

Still not open for business:
Bipartisan congressional leaders huddled with President Donald Trump as they try to break an impasse over the president's demand for $5 billion to build his proposed border wall. The president threatened to keep nine U.S. departments closed "for a very long period of time — months or even years" — until he gets the funding, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

In comments delivered later Friday from the White House Rose Garden, Trump described the meeting as "very productive." He said that he had designated a group to advance talks over the weekend.

Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi both said they urged Republicans to temporarily reopen the government while they seek a solution on border security. On Thursday night, House Democrats passed legislation to fund eight closed departments through Sept. 30, and the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. 8.
How long can government workers go without doing anything? Congress ought to know...

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Box Man

Dennis Quaid won't be boxed in:
Quaid, who recently starred in faith-based film, "I Can Only Imagine," will perform his song, "Out of the Box," for the project.

Quaid and his band, The Sharks, released the song in November.

Quaid, a registered independent, told the New York Post that he wanted to feature the song in the film because Americans have forgotten what it is to accept differing viewpoints.

"It's not just Hollywood," Quaid said. "Our whole culture has become intolerant."

He said his song is about "being open to other points of view and not mindlessly giving yourself over to an 'ism'" and is a rallying cry against censorship.
Dennis the free speech menace...

Sprouts Spat

It's the violent Brussels sprouts culture:
According to Zanotti, Boreing tweeted about the Daily Wire reporter's recipe for Brussels sprouts.

Zanotti shared the recipe with her Twitter followers several days ago.

Clearly disgusted by the presentation of Brussels sprouts in any form or fashion, Boreing jokingly quipped, "Even better, coat with melted butter, salt, pepper, paprika, and a dash of Worcestershire, sear in cast iron in bacon grease for thirty seconds or until brown, then throw them away and burn your face off with the hot pan because even that would be better than Brussels sprouts."

That's when things escalated, and Twitter suspended Boreing for violence.

In the suspension notice, Twitter pointed out that Boreing had violated its policy against "encouraging self-harm" and suggested that the Daily Wire president visit Twitter's time-out corner "safety center," where he could regain control of himself during his suspension.

Twitter's notice concluded, "[P]lease know that there are people out there who care about you, and that you are not alone."
Please do not harm the vegetables...

Savage Times

Tolerant liberals strike again:

The suspect then gets very specific.


Savage, in a telephone interview, said he has “changed location,” but he didn’t elaborate.

Savage also said: “Over the years, I have received many threats and have chosen to ignore them. … However, given the violent, vile times we are living in and the specific nature of this threat, both I and some serious agencies are taking this threat very seriously.”
Serious times call for serious measures...

Nancy's House

Here she comes:
“I think that that is an open discussion. I think that is an open discussion in terms of the law,” she said, on the eve of reclaiming her former title as speaker of the House. Pelosi will become the first lawmaker in recent history to hold that office twice when the 116th Congress convenes Thursday.

Mueller has been investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and whether its government worked to help Trump win the White House.

Although Democrats have discussed the idea of impeaching the president, Pelosi said it would not benefit the country to pursue one. But she wouldn’t rule the idea out either.

“We have to wait and see what happens with the Mueller report. We shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason, and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. So we'll just have to see how it comes,” she said.
Translation: They're going to impeach...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Climate Change Kid Stuff

Sorry, kids:
Our Children’s Trust filed suit against the federal government in 2015 on behalf of 21 youths, aged 11 to 22, arguing their right to a “stable climate system” was being violated. The suit asks the court to order the government to issue laws and regulations to fight global warming.

The government should move “to ensure that atmospheric CO2 is no more concentrated than 350 [parts per million] by 2100 … to stabilize the climate system,” reads the group’s legal complaint.

The youth lawsuit is just one of a handful of global warming lawsuits being brought before state and federal courts in recent years as environmentalists, Democratic politicians and trial lawyers turn to the courts to advance the climate agenda.

Youth activists, however, base their legal reasoning on the idea that the “public trust doctrine” also requires the government to ensure a “stable climate system.” Many legal experts are doubtful activists will succeed in getting the courts to force other branches of government to push climate policies.
If you can't scare 'em, sue 'em. But what if that doesn't work?

Crossed Words

What's in a word?
"Tuesday’s Crossword puzzle included an entry that was offensive and hurtful. It is simply not acceptable in The New York Times Crossword and we apologize for including it," a Times spokesperson told Fox News.

Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz took to Twitter with an explanation of how the situation unfolded and why the slur was included in the puzzle.

“I am very sorry for the distraction about BEANER (2D) in today’s fine puzzle by Gary Cee,” Shortz wrote. “Neither Joel nor I had ever heard this slur before – and I don’t know anyone who would use it. Maybe we lived in rarefied circles.”

Shortz continued: In researching this puzzle, we discovered the other meaning of the word as a slur… My feeling, rightly or wrongly, is that any benign meaning of a word is fair game for a crossword.

The editor then used the word “chink” as an example, noting that it’s “benign in the sense as a chink in one’s armor.”
Not every word means what you think it does...

Castro Oil

Happy new socialist year:
While Castro, the head of the Cuban Communist Party and commander-in-chief of the nation’s armed forces, dedicated much of his speech to praising late brother Fidel, the main message of his address was that Cuba’s youth must remain ever vigilant against the United States, particularly under the current Trump administration. America, Castro alleged, “has spent 12 administrations unceasingly putting effort into forcing regime change in Cuba using one method or another, with more or less aggression.”

“Now, once again, the American government appears to take the route of confrontation with Cuba and present our peaceful and allied country as a threat to the region,” Castro claimed. “High-ranking administration officials, with the complicity of some lackeys, disseminate new falsehoods and once again attempt to blame Cuba for all the ills of the region, as if these were not the consequence of merciless neoliberal policies.”
And not merciless Communist policies?

Ye's Still Here

He's still a fan:
“One of my favorite of many things that the trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me who I should do because I’m black. That’s real racism,” he wrote. “From now on I’m performing with my m*****g hat on.”

He continued expressing frustration that black Americans were expected to be supporters of Democrats.

“Blacks are 90% Democrats. That sounds like control to me,” he wrote. “They will not program me.”
Ye shall not be programmed...

No March Today

Do the Pink Hats still matter?
"Due to several issues we have decided it is necessary to cancel the 2019 Women's March in New Orleans," organizers posted to social media last week, according to the Washington Times.

In the announcement, organizers said controversy with Women's March national leaders has led to a steep decline in overall interest, including fundraising and participation. Last month, devastating exposés in Tablet Magazine and the New York Times revealed the deep anti-Semitic ties among the most prominent leaders in the Women's March movement.

"Many of the sister marches have asked the leaders of Women's March, Inc. to resign but as of today, they have yet to do so," the announcement said. "The controversy is dampening efforts of sister marches to fundraise, enlist involvement, find sponsors and attendee numbers have drastically declined this year. New Orleans is no exception."

"However, this does not mean the end of our momentum in Louisiana. It's time to look past the marching and look towards a new stage of the movement," the posting reassured.
Suppose they gave a march and nobody cared?

Unfunny Business

Saudi Arabia has no sense of humor:
The episode in question, "Saudi Arabia," targets Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman over the recent killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as Minhaj noted that "now would be a good time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia," CNBC added.

The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission made a "legal request" to Netflix to pull the episode for allegedly violating anti-cybercrime law, the network said.

"We strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only removed this episode in Saudi Arabia after we had received a valid legal request — and to comply with local law," a Netflix spokesperson told CNBC, adding that the move was consistent with how other U.S.-based companies operate.

The episode can still be viewed in Saudi Arabia on YouTube, the network added.
In Saudi Arabia, any form of criticism can be bad for your health...

TImes Time-Out

The New York Times' own former editor is not pleased:
In a soon-to-be published book, “Merchants of Truth,” that casts a skeptical eye on the news business, Abramson defends the Times in some ways but offers some harsh words for her successor, Dean Baquet. And Abramson, who was the paper’s only female executive editor until her firing, invoked Steve Bannon’s slam that in the Trump era the mainstream media have become the “opposition party.”

“Though Baquet said publicly he didn’t want the Times to be the opposition party, his news pages were unmistakably anti-Trump,” Abramson writes, adding that she believes the same is true of the Washington Post. “Some headlines contained raw opinion, as did some of the stories that were labeled as news analysis.”

What’s more, she says, citing legendary 20th century publisher Adolph Ochs, “the more anti-Trump the Times was perceived to be, the more it was mistrusted for being biased. Ochs’s vow to cover the news without fear or favor sounded like an impossible promise in such a polarized environment.”
Unfortunately, fear and favor seem to be what's in now...

The Return Of Romney?

Mitt Romney is not a fan:
Jevon O.A. Williams, the RNC member who represents the U.S. Virgin Islands, wrote that Romney could use 'loopholes' in the nominating process to openly challenge the president's re-nomination in 2020.

That, he wrote, would feed Romney's 'fantasy of being president, even if that means destroying our party and denying President Trump re-election.'

'With Republicans like him who needs Democrats?' Williams added. He confirmed in a phone call Wednesday morning that he sent the email but declined further comment.

Romney, the GOP's failed 2012 presidential nominee will become Utah's junior U.S. senator on Thursday, replacing reliable Trump ally Orrin Hatch.

He wrote that the president's 'conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.'
Still losing after all these years...

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Party For Charity

They'd like to thank you for the good times:
The group — called the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. — instead spent $500,000 in the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year on items like food, limousines and rap music, the Post found.

The politicians refused to divulge the charity’s 2017 tax filing to the Post despite federal requirements that charities do so upon request.

Its main activity is holding and selling tickets to an elaborate party each year intended to raise money for its stated mission of providing scholarships for youth. But year after year, essentially all the money simply seems to go to festivities.

Its chairman, Assemblywoman Latrice Walker of Brooklyn, claimed to have no knowledge of the charity’s failure to fulfill its mission. She told the Post through a spokesman that she “does not have any knowledge of the matter.” Walker is running to be the public advocate for New York City, its second-highest elected position and one tasked with investigating complaints.

Walker did not return The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, which included a request that she share the charity’s latest tax filing.

The charity’s treasurer, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow of Westchester, expressed no knowledge of the charity’s activities.

“I just sign the checks they give me,” he said.
This party's paid for...

The New Revolution

It's a worldwide revolution:
It started in June with election of Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Ontario residents overwhelmingly voted Ford’s conservative coalition into power on a platform that included axing the Canadian province’s cap-and-trade program.

Ford said his first priority upon taking office would be to “cancel the Liberal cap-and-trade carbon tax.” Ford then joined a legal challenge led by Saskatchewan against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policy of a central government-imposed carbon tax on provinces that don’t have their own.

Carbon tax opponents called Trudeau’s plan an attempt to “use the new tax to further redistribute income, which will increase the costs of this tax to the economy.”

Roughly ten thousand miles away in Australia another revolt was brewing. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull saw his power base crumble within days of failing to pass a bill aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
The uprising is growing. Leaders try to ignore it at their own peril...